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Windows Re-installation and Upgrading

Does your computer seem slower now then when you first bought it?  Over time Windows can get loaded down with bad or out-dated software and drivers.  Rockett Computer can restore your machine to its former glory, and give your old computer a fresh new start!  Even new computers come loaded down with lots of junk software, we can take that new machine and turn it into the speed demon it was designed to be.  We strive to deliver same-day service, drop the computer off in the morning and it will be ready that afternoon!

Our Windows Re-installation service includes:

  • A fresh install of Windows, the version your computer is licensed to use.
  • Updated drivers for your devices.
  • The latest security patches.
  • Backup and restoration of your files and documents.
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Installation of commonly used software such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash.

The Windows upgrade service includes:

  • A license for the latest version of Windows, Windows 8.
  • Fresh installation.
  • Re-installation of your licensed software.
  • Backup and restoration of your files and documents.
  • Virus and malware protection.

Windows Re-installation:  $75
Windows Upgrade: $100 (includes Windows 8 license)



Malware Removal

Even the most cautious of computer users can get infected with malware.  When that happens rest assured that Rockett Computer can clean up your PC in no time and even help prevent the infection from returning.
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iPad Lessons

cellDo you have an iPad?  Are you struggling with it?  Sit one-on-one and have your questions answered. 
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We've Moved!

Our NEW location is 9 Store Street, next to Karen's Cafe and behind Union River Book & Toy.  Stop by today!
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Business IT Support

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology.  Unfortunately having a full-time on-site IT professional is often not fiscally possible. That is where Rockett Computer can help! With an IT Services contract you can rest easy knowing when a problem occurs you'll have a professional just a phone call or e-mail away. 
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File Recovery

Accidents happen, and when they do we are here to help recover your lost files, including photos, videos and other documents.
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Data Deletion

Have your personal information cleaned from your computer before you donate or recycle it using strict government standards.
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